A place to unwind.


It is a well-known fact that the daily stress we endure from the many obligations of personal and professional life can affect our physical & mental health.

Stress affects literally every system in the body, wearing down our defenses and causing many conditions including:

  • emotional irritability

  • poor concentration

  • clenching/grinding teeth

  • acne & psoriasis

  • GI or digestive disorders

  • muscle tension

  • hair loss

  • constriction of blood vessels

  • worsening of chronic respiratory issues

This can make every day seem less productive and more challenging!

Over time, we can suffer from anxiety, poor sleep habits & food choices, a weakened immunity, inability to detoxify the body, and greater susceptibility to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer- to name a few.

It is also well-known that the healing power of therapeutic touch, the one-pointed focus of meditation, conscious deep breathing and the scientifically-based sequence of yoga postures all bring about  including:

  • Increased Blood Oxygen Level

  • Relief of Pain and Tension

  • Release of "Feel-good" Hormones

  • Increased Strength & Flexibility

  • Improved Breathing

  • Mental Calmness

  • Better ability to handle stress and "think things through"

These positive effects can greatly improve your outlook on life, and therefore your ability to experience each day with a peaceful & positive attitude!

With Garden of Healing's variety of offerings, you are sure to find the combination of therapies that suit your lifestyle and wellness goals!