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Yoga can be translated many ways. One generally accepted definition is the union of all that makes us sentient beings- body, mind and spirit or soul. Yoga is both the journey and the outcome of that journey, as the practice of yoga teaches mindfulness, non-attachment, gratitude and humility.


Positive Thinking and Meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana) relieves stress and refocuses energy toward positive behaviors by learning to detach or "step back" from situations, training the mind to be calm.


Release tension and blockages that build up in the muscles and soft tissue. Naturally lower blood pressure & heart rate, improve circulation & cellular function.


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Garden of Healing Yoga & Wellness Center is here to help you live a more healthful and happy life. With regular practice of stress management, yoga and therapeutic touch, we can ease the body's discomforts and find our wayinward to the heart and soul- our gateway to infinite peace and happiness.

Private home visits can also be arranged. Garden of Healing happily serves the home-bound!

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